BRANDCODE creates brands and digital products which take people and organisations further.

With ambition. With passion. With personality. From the creative spark through to the effective code.

What we do

Brand + Code

We make ideas come to life. We transform plans into working systems, theory into technology, objectives into success. And we do so irrespective of the formal requirements imposed by materials, means and media, strictly concentrating on the best possible effect and optimum result.

On the basis of a company’s DNA, we develop corporate design concepts that focus on user experience. And create products that meet the requirements of the digital world – websites, platforms, e-commerce solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions, apps or software as a service.

How we work

Heart + System

We are ambitious, and that’s what our clients and partners can expect from us. There is enough mediocrity out there. Out of the box solutions restrict creativity. Why not elite? We are flexible enough to rethink the conventional – and come up with something surprising that is also surprisingly functional.

We develop simple solutions for a complex world. Great challenges are an inspiration to us – that’s why we tackle them, take them apart and look at the component parts, and then deal with them in interdisciplinary teams.

What fuels us

Mindset + Impulse

Together with our clients, we want to change the world. We want to inspire, partner and realise projects that help companies grow and improve their products, services and performance. For this, we provide the experts and experience required. And a team of highly motivated specialists for all kinds of media-related transformations and transfusions.